Hi there!

My name is Yeshen and I'm a Software Development Engineer based in Guangzhou. I graduated in South China University of Technology ,employed by Netease. I like coding, reading, travel, swimming, watching anime.



I think Franklin is very interesting. I also have the same interest as him. I keep reading every day. Life is very short. I hope to spend time on things that have fun.


I love my job. I can write code in my world as I wish. The pay for work also made me comfortable.

I have a habit of blogging. The blog mainly records the problems I encountered in my work and study. My blog can really help some people too. I often receive e-mails from other people asking me questions about my blog’s technical issues.



I have good experience in Android, IOS, H5. Independently developed applications. Familiar and deeply customized Android system.


Keep it simple, I only focus on one thing at a time and finish things in an efficient manner.


I am patient and willing to help my colleagues and help them improve themselves. I have empathy and compassion.

Contact me

I am available to work on commissions. If you have an idea, do send me an email to hello@yeshen.org and let’s make it happen together!

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